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Avon Soccer League Association > Announcements > ASLA Goal Safety Policy  

Announcements: ASLA Goal Safety Policy


ASLA Goal Safety Policy 


**IMPORTANT** Goal Safety Policy



In the 2 months prior to August 2004, the US Youth Soccer Risk Management Committee was made aware of three (3) instances involving portable goals that had fallen over and injured players.  All of these accidents had the following common denominators:


  1. All players received head injuries from the fallen goal and were
    transported to local hospitals for emergency medical treatment.  None of these three (3) accidents resulted in a fatality.  Age of players were 13 and under.


  1. Goals came down from a gust of wind.


  1. All goals were not anchored at the time of the accident.


  1. Accidents occurred on public property.


  1. Accidents happened during organized practice.


  1. Coaches did not inspect portable goals prior to the practice session to assure they were properly anchored.


  1. Coaches failed to warn parents and players of the dangers of portable goals.


  1. Risk management post safety procedures at the club level were non-existent.



In August of 2004, OYSAN adopted a policy that states the following:

The Ohio Youth Soccer Association North shall require all member leagues to certify to the state association each year in November by the AGM that Goal Safety Policies have been implemented by the member organizations.


Now, here is ASLA’s response:


It is the intention of the Board of Directors of the Avon Soccer League Association that goal safety be a priority.  Therefore, the following policy is adopted.


  1. The Avon Soccer League Association (ASLA) will require for all soccer programs and every activity:
    1. The coaches for each game or other responsible person will make a physical inspection of each goal prior to the game/activity to assure that goals are securely anchored accordance with CPSC guidelines/manufacturer’s guidelines.
    2. All parents and guardians are communicated with of the dangers of unsecured goals and the parents’ responsibility to keep kids away from the goals, and to secure goals if necessary.
    3. ASLA Board Members will conduct random site surveys to ensure compliance.
  2. All coaches will receive a copy of the CPSC guidelines and clear instructions as to how to make goals safe and secure.
  3. Coaches will remind their players, and discuss with the team’s parents, the necessity of players and siblings not playing, and climbing or moving goals.  It is deemed appropriate that players violating this rule may, at the coaches’ discretion, sit out a half a game or entire game.  Players consistently violating the rule can be subject to a disciplinary hearing of the Board.
  4. ASLA will remind the owners of the fields (City of Avon) of safety requirements.
  5. The President of the Board will have random site surveys to certify compliance with this policy.
  6. The President of the Board will certify to OYSAN no later than November 1 of each year that a policy is in place and enforced.


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